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Malatestiana, Malatestiane

The Malatestian Library is for hope that each seed blown
all of us, used to experience by the wind of curiosity, can
it everyday, a misterious   sprout wherever it settles
creature: elephants,        and preserve over the
mosquitoes, dragons and     centuries the values that
butterflies create a vibrant have made our Library great
ecosystem being blent       and still today worthwhile.
together with manuscripts,
codes and spaces , that     Our task is to preserve this
represent the Memory of the memory, so that future
whole World!                generations, included ours,
                            can enjoy it themselves,
As the most majestic forest expecially now that the
lives thanks to the         Malatestian Library has been
contribution of many different aknowledged as a universal
trees united in depth by the heritage, something that,
intertwining of common      after all, we have always
roots, in the same way we known.

Un grazie particolare per la generosa collaborazione della Direttrice Paola Errani, che ha spalancato le porte della Biblioteca
agli studenti e studentesse dell’ITT B.Pascal di Cesena e ha condiviso con tutti noi la sua grande passione ed esperienza di
studiosa, offrendoci l'opportunità di scoprire con gioia ed entusiasmo i tanti volti della nostra, amatissima, Malatestiana. :-)
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