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THANKS TO THIS cultural project, Cesena, despite
       its remote position and in company with
       Florence, Milan, Ferrara and Rome, was a
driving force of humanist culture, the foundation of
Western civilization.

THE MALATESTIANA, WHICH started life as a
       gentleman s library, was donated by Malatesta
       Novello to the local commune for public use
and thus became one of the oldest public libraries in

THE INCLUSION IN the Memory of the World
       Register would undoubtedly help the Malatesta
       Novello Library to make the best use of the
management s longstanding activities regarding
conservation of the Library and universal access to

THIS IS PROVED by the project Catalogo Aperto dei
       Manoscritti Malatestiani (Open Catalogue of
       Malatesta Manuscripts).

THE CATALOGUE HAS been operational for the past
       year on the Internet and offers unprecedented
       iconographical, textual and bibliographical
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