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Interview to Deputy Minister

Sandro Gozi                                                       ● How long did it take before
                                                                     Unesco came to the final
First stage/step of the project                                      recognition?

      ● Where did the idea of including the library in the  Final recognition
         Memory of the World Register come from?
                                                                  ● How did you get to know about
      ● Which problems did you have to face at the                   the aknowledgment by Unesco?
                                                                  ● How was the town of Cesena
      ● How many people contributed to its                           informed of such a prestigious
         aknowledgment?                                              recognition?

      ● Which operations ( spaces restauration and                ● Which perspectives can such an
         enlargement, cataloguing were required, in order            aknowledgment open for the
         to respect the choice criteria ?                            future?

Candidacy                                                   Curiosities

      ● Was it necessary to ask for any form of                   ● Is there any curious event worth
         contribution ( even extraordinary) to fulfill the           being mentioned ( general or
         requirements launched by Unesco programme in                personal) that happened during
         1992?                                                       the whole procedure of

● Who were the other candidating libraries for the
  same aknowledgment?
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